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and Climate Change
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We at Liveweek Group help our clients to take a closer look at the bigger picture, by striking a balance between staying competitive, driving innovation and taking care of the triple bottom line and the goal of sustainability.
An overview>>

The world is facing unprecedented challenges in the face of climate change and growing inequality. The time for talking is over. Businesses, governments, development sector and other stakeholders see present scenario for action, with major new commitments to achieving Net Zero emissions.

We’re proud to help our clients to have a positive impact, drawing on our deep expertise to assess the risks and harness the opportunities. Acting responsibly is no longer a choice - it’s a business imperative.

How we can help?

  • Mobilizing business and capital to achieve inclusive economic growth

Reducing poverty and inequality with inclusive capital markets and business models for donors, multinationals, foundations and financial institutions

  • Putting sustainability and societal impact at the heart of your business strategy.

Creating a strategy for your business that focuses on sustainable value creation


  • ESG and Sustainability Risk Mitigation

Introducing robust policies, procedures and strategies to manage your sustainability risks

  • Harnessing technology for people and the planet

Embracing innovation and emerging technology to respond to climate change and resource scarcity

  • Sustainability reporting and KPI services

ESG and other non-financial reporting and assurance

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Image by Callum Shaw

Our approach


In our rapidly changing world, topics such as climate change, social responsibility and sustainable business practices, articulated by the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, are sparking calls for action from civil society, political leaders, regulators, business leaders and investors. Companies and business leaders are increasingly held accountable for their social and environmental impacts, both positive and negative. The modern stakeholder, from investor to customer to employee, considers sustainability when evaluating companies, which ultimately affects the bottom line. At the same time, opportunities arise as the private sector is viewed as a lever of positive change.


We at Liveweek Group ensures that sustainability and social responsibility is embedded in your core strategy and strengthens your business. We’ll help you focus on the actions that will endure and produce positive and valuable results across a full spectrum of critical sustainability issues, from climate change and recycling to the development of sustainable food systems and participation in ESG investing.

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